Friday, January 26, 2018

New blog on the block

My new blog is now part of my artstation account on

So head on over there if you want to follow me!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Torchbearer Middarkmark

Middarmark for torchbearer is on kickstarter. I did some illustration work on this and had a lot of fun doing it!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Agents of Shield content

It's always nice when something is released and I can show it! I worked on the television costume from Marvel's Agents of Shields for Quake

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Credit your Artists

I'm not one for writing blog posts about much of anything. Often I would rather just post some pictures and move on with my work day. Recently however I finally got a copy (after about 2 years of waiting!) of 'Mecha Vs. Kaiju' as part of the payment I was offered. I met Jonathan Wright at Endgame in Oakland during one of their gaming events and played his FATE based game with a friend and family member. We had some fun and later he mentioned bringing the book to print but needing more art. I mentioned being a professional artist (in game development but dabbling in some illustration here and there) and said I would be interested in helping out. He seemed to be in a bind to get it done to fulfill his kickstarter backers. We exchanged information and I told him my rates and when he told me he didn't have much of a budget I cut it down but would want a copy of the book. He did pay me the money. This was not a huge amount and it is a HUGE cut from what I normally get paid professionally but I do it to support the tabletop gaming industry ( I realize its not a huge profit margin for creators usually) and often use the money to re-invest in my own gaming hobby though kickstarter, drivethru rpg, humble bundle, or my local gaming store.

However after quickly meeting the crunch deadline to help him get his project out I received no further word from Johnathan on his game which I had seen had gone to print. I decided to wait a bit as I felt kickstarter backers should of course get theirs first. After a long time with Johnathan not fulfilling his obligation to provide me with a copy I sent him an email. He responded that he would send it ASAP. Over a month went by and I still didn't get him a copy. I sent him another email telling him I understood life can get in the way but if he could let me know the status of my copy I would appreciate. This time I did get my copy and was happy....until I opened the book. I was not credited at all. In one page my signature was even deleted by a gradient from the page. I of course wrote him to see if this could be rectified but was received no response. I realize most RPG creators do not do this for a full time job but many probably have aspirations to and this means having PROFESSIONALISM. You treat the people that you work with or have a transaction with professionally. You pay them on time (and when a copy of the book is part of the payment and you wait TWO YEARS then you are not paying them on time). You communicate the status of things. And you give people credit for their work. When you screw up you take the hit and try to make it right or offer sincere apology.

It's pretty simple ethical guidelines here. If you can't meet those criteria then it is your reputation that will suffer. Because treating people you work with unfairly or unprofessionally gets around. Anyhow do me and other artists a favor and don't support works of creators like Johnathan Wright that don't fulfill their obligations.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Marvel Team-Ups

Two of the character models I did for Marvel Heroes. Both are now released!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ms Marvel - Kamala Khan and Spider Man - Miles Morales

Been very busy doing work on Marvel Heroes. Most recently two of the team up characters I did were on entertainment weekly:

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

the sleep eater

the sleep-eater. My mother is extremely superstitious and being the ungrateful child (grown one) I am, I often mess with her way too much.  I sketched this up and just wrote up where she would see it: "as a child I would see things no one else could. This being would stand over my mother as she napped, egg pustules on its ropy body releasing small white spiders. I was afraid of waking her or attracting it's attention. Perhaps it was just an over-active imagination."