Monday, May 12, 2014


Some orcs I did in Andrew Baker's workshop; by far probably the best workshop I have ever taken .

Kobura vs. Tropical Punch

Tobashi pictures needed a win to turn around the mood of its unhappy investors. A long string of recent flops such as Lucky Cat goes to Washington, The Saddest Samurai, and Revenge of the Panda Zombies had quickly transformed the prosperous studio from a success to the brink of bankruptcy.
The stunt actor waddled out in the rubber suit and took his place in the large wading pool opposite another actor dressed in a vacuform plastic mech suit. “Quiet on the set!” screamed the Assistant Director. A gust of wet air flew from the massive wind fans as the epic battle began…. Koburu towered over the toxic alien jungle where he used his atomic spores to level Hong Kong. Triumphantly he returned to the ocean seeking the shipping lanes that run from the once bustling port in his unending spree of terraforming destruction. Suddenly a burst of light! The legendary mech known as Tropical Punch piloted by Sami Okami dropped from the sky, riding the winds from Hawaii to end this other worldly menace once and for all! There would be only one winner in …..KOBURA VS. TROPICAL PUNCH!