Saturday, October 18, 2014

apatosaurus sculpt work in progress

have been working on a sculpt of the Apatosaurus; polypainting also now done. Going to do aposed version and then at some point a low poly mesh with rig and animation.

spiderDude's post on polycount forum was a big help in figuring out a transpose issue that was giving me 'no matching data' mesh will be 'skipped' problem that was preventing posing; so now i will be on to posing: "Side note, if you ever get a weird error from transpose master saying "No matching data set": save your ztool open up lightbox load a zproject(any project, I chose one of the spheres) load your ztool use transpose master(also make sure no subtool has dynamesh active) tranpose to your heart's desire" the link is here: thanks spiderDude! this worked!